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Hi! I'm LuisA Web Developer


Card Stack

React • Styled Components

I was looking for a simple flashcard app, but most of the apps that I found required signing up and they just didn't have the look and feel that I wanted. So I made my own.

Cardstack app with cat emoji on a card



A quiz app built with React that pulls trivia from the Open Trivia DB API.

Example of Quizzical quiz

Movie Watchlist

JS • Serverless Functions

An app for creating a movie watchlist. It's built in vanilla JS and pulls movie data from the OMDB API.

Example of a movie search

Invoice Automation

Google Apps Script

I was creating invoices for a trucking company and wondered if there was a way to automate the process. That's when I discovered Google Apps Script. I was able to speed up my workflow and discovered how much I enjoy coding.

Script used for invoice automation