Card Stack

I was looking for a simple flashcard web app for my phone to help me learn Japanese, but most of the apps that I found required signing up and they just didn't have the look and feel that I wanted. So I decided to make my own. I wanted something minimalistic without a bunch of features getting in the way of the simple process of flipping a card and then moving on to the next one.

Cardstack app with cat emoji on a card

Problems Encountered

Initially, moving from one card to the next was implemented with the push and pop array methods. The card displayed on screen was always the first card in an array. This worked well and the code was simple. However, when I decided to implement what seemed like a very simple feature, display the total number of cards and the number of the current card, I had to rewrite the logic.

Lessons Learned

Don't underestimate seemingly simple features. Also, I learned the importance of doing some research before building anything to see if there's even a need for it. Although I wanted to add a few more features to the app (below are some sketches of what I had in mind at the time), most of the people I showed it to didn't seem too enthused 😒. But that's ok. This project scratched an itch and I just wanted to see if I could code the thing.

Sketches of potential features